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Courses for Aspiring Pilots

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Starting date

After 10+2


1 - 2 months

Batch strength

15 students

Mode of classes


What we offer - 


Aviation Meteorology

Meteorology is a branch of science which deals with the weather.


Meteorology subject will help you understand the physical processes of the weather, i.e., what factors will help in forming that weather activity, how severe it is going to be, etc.

Quick question: If you see a cloud, what comes to your mind?

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Air Navigation

Navigation means finding your route and traveling from Point A to Point B with the help of all the onboard equipment.


In aircraft, various instruments are necessary while flying, like Altimeter, Airspeed Indicator, Attitude Indicator, etc. We also need additional advanced radio equipment for communication and navigation like INS, Transponder, GPS, etc., which helps you have a smooth, efficient flight.

Quick question: How would you navigate if you enter into a big cloud?

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Air Regulations

In this subject, you will learn about all the rules regulations of Aviation that have to be followed, be it from the aircraft or the airport.

There are various rules like the separation between the aircraft, between the runways, lights to be used on the runway, procedures like ETOPS, MNPS, PBN, etc., limitations of the pilots, and many other things.

Quick question: Can you have a parachute onboard a regular commercial jet?

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Aircraft and Technical

Aircraft and Technical is the most exciting subject of being a pilot. You will study regarding the various parts of a plane and how every tiny part helps you make an aircraft fly.

The subject is divided into three parts, i.e., Principal of Flights, Systems and Engines. It covers about how the aircraft flies, how the aircraft /engines are manufactured and

Quick question: What would you do if you were supposed to make a heavy landing?

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Radio Telephony (Restricted)

Communication is a vital part of Aviation, be it between aircraft-tower, between the aircraft, or within the aircraft. 


In this subject, we will be dealing with communication with the tower. At every moment, you are transmitting a message to the ATC. So, there are special aviation phraseology that you have to use to communicate the message. 

Quick question: What would you do if you lose your communication?

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Technical Specific

Every aircraft has a theory paper. You have to clear it before you fly that aircraft. Until you pass it, you can’t fly the plane for any purpose. Once it gets endorsed on your license, you can fly the aircraft.

So, suppose, if you want to fly Cessna 172, the first step is to clear the Cessna 172 specific paper. And then, you can get it endorsed on your license. Only after the endorsement, you are allowed to fly it. 

Quick question: Which is your dream aircraft?

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  • What makes Streamline Aviation Academy special?
    3 reasons which will make Streamline Aviation Academy your preferred academy: Our primary aim is to build a strong foundation of yours by focusing on basics of every topic that we read. The learning strategy that is used at Streamline Aviation Academy has been tried and tested on numerous exams by different people. We use various tools to make the learning interactive.
  • How to become a Commercial pilot? What is the cost of CPL?
    The minimum requirement to become a Commercial Pilot is: 18 Years old 10+2 with Physics and Maths. Class 1 Medically Fit. Have cleared all the exams. It will cost about 35-40lakhs, depending upon the how fast and how good flight training you want.
  • Can I become a pilot from Commerce background?
    Absolutely yes. To become a pilot, you will need Physics and Maths in 12th. So, if you do not have either or both of it, you will have to appear that exam through NIOS board. You just have to clear the exam, unless you are looking forward to the join a cadet program. Once you get your marksheets, submit the documents for Issuance of Computer Number. If you want to know the process of Issuance of Computer number, click here to read our blog about it.
  • How and when can I give DGCA exams?
    The most basic requirement to sit for DGCA exams is, you need a computer number. If you want to know the process of Issuance of Computer number, click here to read our blog about it. Once you have issued your computer number, you can sit for DGCA examinations whenever you want (offcourse, when the attempt is being conducted) as per your convenience.
  • How much are the fees?
    The fees are perfectly adjusted to suit a student's pocket. The fees that we receive are again invested back to give more exposure to our students.
  • Will I get a demo lecture before the batch starts?
    Indeed, that's your right. We cannot take away your right from you. We will surely give you a demo lecture for every subject that you are planning to take classes for.

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